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Disha Rawal

I recently got your clothing as a baby shower gift and once I wore the dress, I felt compelled to learn more about the line and how to get more from the moment I tried on the clothes, I've always had difficulty finding quality, comfortable, no-fuss, and beautiful clothing. I am so thrilled to have found your line! I would very much like to add some of your pieces to my maternity collection! Thank you so much for creating this thoughtful, comfortable and beautiful line!


Kanika Kapoor

Hi Mumyu, I received the package and I am glad to see homegrown brands such as MUMYU doing their bit by replacing plastic packaging with eco-friendly bags. I ordered a MUMYU Chola n mustard seeds pillow. Fabric is organic cotton and nonallergic. The design color material everything is just perfect. I recommend MUMYU to everyone to shop for their little one.


Radhika Suri

Thanks a lot, MUMYU team for sending all the hand essentials to Australia.  All the winter wear received was amazing. Thanks a lot for making ANira's winters a cozy and comfortable one.


Manpreet Bains

The feeding wrap by #mumyuindia is such a blessing for me and my 4.5 month old baby. It has given me the freedom to comfortably feed my little one no matter where we are- airports, flights, museums, malls, restaurants etc. The material is extremely soft & breathable and the overall look is very fashionable as well.
Thank you so much #mumyuindia and Shalini for making our bf journey so easy and comfortable. I no longer have to worry about how to nurse my baby when out in public or traveling. More power to the Mumyu team.

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