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Mumyu’s mission is to make mothers confident and empowered.


Confident – How?

Mumyu offers pre-natal and post-natal clothing/accessories for women and exclusive products for infants. Mumyu products are sustainable, comfortable and practical. We are striving to make Mumyu products affordable and accessible to mothers from all walks of life, to help them enjoy the most beautiful phase of their life.


Empowerment – How?

Each and every product of Mumyu is made by a mother. These are not just products, these are stories woven with love and warmth. Mumyu products are made FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN WITH LOVE. The introductory range of our products is coming soon, directly from the highly skilled women of Himachal Pradesh. The products are genuine and handmade. The mother/child wearing Mumyu clothing would be wearing warmth and positive energy hand woven by a mother.


Mumyu Product Range

Maternity Wear: You don’t have to think twice before buying that beautiful Mumyu maternity dress. You can wear that beautiful maternity dress, even after pregnancy. We alter it for you.

Nursing Wear: An affordable and practical range of Mumyu nursing wear to encourage breastfeeding. 

Infant Products: An exclusive range of Mumyu Products/clothing, inspired by the experience of Grandmothers.



Mumyu was conceived as an idea to be the only Indian Brand exclusively for pregnant and nursing women. The focus was to make Mumyu products accessible to all women from all walks of life. The design and the process of creation of these products is the most critical part as these products are for mothers and infants. What are the essential components to make products for mothers and newborn babies? We thought a lot about it, considering various fabrics, patterns, styles etc. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that these are all secondary, the essential component would be Love and Warmth, how to instil that in our products, was the critical question.


So what we are doing?

Women of small town and villages are skilled. They make their own clothes. The skills of stitching, sewing embroidery, knitting and crochet are the most underrated skill. These women do these tasks almost every day, either for money or out of love, but never get due recognition or appreciation. These women do not have the opportunity to showcase these skills and earn self-respect. We bring these talented women together on the Mumyu platform and co-design our products with mothers. These mothers have experience and an eye for perfection. They are very capable to create practical designs with dexterity. Mumyu provides these women with a platform to showcase their skills, co-create and co-design the products and get due recognition, appreciation and financial independence. These women are the backbone of Mumyu. Each Mumyu product has a story of the mother behind it, who took charge of her life and took the path of empowerment.

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