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Introducing our Fully Loaded Maternity Bag – your ultimate companion for the transformative journey of childbirth and the first few days of motherhood. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and expert guidance, this thoughtfully curated bag is a must-have for every expectant mother heading to the hospital.

Our bag comes pre-packed with items that cater to the unique requirements of new mothers, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips. Expert advice has guided the selection of these essentials, and our attention to detail ensures that your needs are met with the utmost precision.

Step into motherhood fully prepared, confident, and supported by our Fully Loaded Maternity Bag. Elevate your experience with a touch of ease and elegance, embracing the transformative moments with the reassurance that every detail has been taken care of.

MUMYU Maternity Bag

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  • Maternity Bag Includes:

    1. One MUMYU Maternity Duffel bag with designated space for milk/water bottles and a detachable vanity small bag
    2. One Set of 6 MUMYU Baby Langot for initial days (for meconium (first few slimy black stool) until the cord comes off
    3. One set of 12 MUMYU Poochies (reusable cloth nappies) with a lockable nappy pin.
    4. One set of 3 MUMYUJhabla/Chola (Full sleeves), the traditional Indian vest, ideal for newborns for every weather.
    5. One set of 3 MUMYU Swaddlers, a must-have from the very first hour to ensure good sleep and good growth.
    6. One MUMYU Baby dohar/sheet, spread it under or over the baby, the way you like.
    7. One MUMYU Wrap - Maternity/nursing multipurpose wrap for mother.
    8. One MUMYU First wear set - Baby Pajamaand top, cap, mittens, and footies set. 
    9. One MUMYU Mustard seeds Pillow with extra cover- Perfect sleep companion for the delicate head of the baby.
    10. One set of 3 MUMYU baby washcloth- Bathing essential for infants.


  • Product Details

    A fully loaded maternity bag expertly curated with input from midwives, doctors, and experienced mothers ensures that you're well-prepared for the journey of labor and post-birth care. This comprehensive bag includes essential items for both the mother and the newborn, with a blend of traditional and modern items that cater to various needs. Here's a detailed description of each item in the bag:

    Baby Langot: A traditional piece of clothing, the baby langot is a soft and comfortable cloth used to wrap around the baby's lower body, providing support to the abdomen and keeping the diaper in place.

    Multipurpose Maternity Wrap: A versatile wrap designed to provide warmth and comfort to the mother during labor, and also serve as a nursing cover or swaddle for the baby after birth.

    Cloth Nappies (Reusable): Eco-friendly cloth nappies that can be washed and reused, reducing waste and providing a soft, breathable alternative to disposable diapers.

    Wash Cloths for Baby Bathing: Soft and gentle wash cloths for baby's delicate skin, making bath time a soothing experience for both the baby and the mother.

    Mustard Seeds Pillow for Babies: A traditional remedy to help ease colic and discomfort in newborns. Mustard seeds are believed to have warming properties that provide relief to the baby's tummy.

    Baby Sheet Multipurpose: A versatile and soft sheet that can be used as a changing mat, play mat, or even as a makeshift swaddle in a pinch.

    Swaddling Sheets: Soft, breathable sheets specifically designed for swaddling, which helps keep the baby snug and secure, promoting better sleep.

    Inner Wear Jhabla and Chola: Traditional Indian clothing for babies, these garments provide comfort and allow easy movement for the newborn. They also have cultural significance and are often considered auspicious.

    First Wear Set of 5 pcs for Baby: A collection of baby clothing essentials, including onesies, caps, and mittens, ensuring the baby is dressed comfortably and warmly.

    Vanity Pouch (Detachable): A convenient detachable pouch to organize personal items, toiletries, and essentials for the mother's comfort and hygiene.

    Compartment for Bottles of Water or Milk: A dedicated space to carry bottles of water or milk, ensuring hydration and nourishment for both the mother and the baby.

    Zipped Compartment for Wallet and Keys: A secure compartment for important personal items like wallets, keys, and documents, providing peace of mind and easy access when needed.

    By incorporating input from midwives, doctors, and experienced mothers, this fully loaded maternity bag ensures that you're well-equipped with essential items for a smooth labor experience and seamless post-birth care. Whether it's traditional remedies or modern conveniences, this thoughtfully curated bag covers all the bases to support the well-being of both the mother and the newborn.

  • FAQ's

    Are Diapers and toiletries for babies included?

    No, This bag includes, cloth nappies and langot which are recommended by experts over disposable diapers. Toiletries are a very personal item and choices vary from person to person, so toiletries are not included. 

    Can I gift this bag?

    Yes, you can also gift this bag to your dear ones. We can deliver this bag with a customized letter/note from the sender. It's an ideal gift for Parents to be. 

    What's the material of this bag?

    The bag is made of Canvas fabric, it's very durable and sturdy. the metal accessories of the bag make it very ideal for daily usage and aesthetically pleasing too.  It's not waterproof. 

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