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Introducing our "First Embrace" 5-Piece Baby Set – a perfect ensemble to welcome your precious newborn into the world. Crafted with love and care, this premium cotton set includes a cozy jhabla, soft pajama, adorable cap, snug mittens, and adorable booties, all featuring a charming kitten print.

Each piece is designed for ultimate comfort, enveloping your baby in the softness of premium cotton. The jhabla and pajama provide a cozy fit for peaceful slumber, while the cap keeps their tiny head warm. The mittens and booties complete the set, ensuring your little one stays cozy from head to toe.

Embrace the joy of new beginnings with this delightful 5-piece set, combining style, comfort, and the adorable charm of kitten prints. Mark the start of your baby's journey with the very best – our "First Embrace" Baby Set.

"First Embrace" - 5Pc Baby Set

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  • Product Details

    Introducing our "First Embrace" 5-Piece Newborn Baby Set – a meticulously curated ensemble designed to envelop your precious bundle of joy in comfort, style, and adorable charm from the very first moments of life. This exquisite set is meticulously crafted from premium cotton, ensuring the softest touch against your newborn's delicate skin.

    Every piece in the set is thoughtfully designed to create a cozy and soothing experience for your little one. The jhabla, with its gentle construction, ensures unrestricted movement and ample room for your baby to wriggle and explore. The pajama offers a snug fit, embracing your baby in warmth and security during their peaceful slumbers.

    The set includes a cap, mittens, and booties, all delicately adorned with an enchanting kitten print. The cap keeps your baby's head comfortably covered, protecting them from drafts and ensuring a snug fit. The mittens safeguard your baby's delicate hands while adding a touch of cuteness to their tiny fingers. The booties complete the ensemble, ensuring your baby's feet stay cozy and warm.

    Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our "First Embrace" Baby Set is tailored for newborns up to 3 months old, providing the perfect fit during those precious early stages. The premium cotton material is not only soft and gentle but also breathable, allowing your baby to stay comfortably cocooned while maintaining optimal airflow.

    Each piece in this set is designed to cater to the unique needs of your newborn, creating a soothing and cozy environment that supports their growth and well-being. As you welcome your little one into the world, let our "First Embrace" Baby Set be a symbol of love, comfort, and the journey of a lifetime. Cherish every moment of your baby's first few months with this exceptional set that embodies the purity of new beginnings.

  • Wash Care and General Care Tips:


      • Before using the baby set for the first time, give it a gentle wash to remove any residual manufacturing treatments.

    Separate Colors:

      • Wash similar colors together to prevent color bleeding. Consider separating whites, light colors, and dark colors.

    Hand Wash or Machine Wash:

      • You can hand wash the baby set in a basin of lukewarm water using a mild baby detergent. Gently agitate the water to clean the fabric without rubbing or wringing.
      • If using a washing machine, place the baby set in a delicate or gentle cycle.

    Water Temperature:

      • Use cold or lukewarm water to prevent shrinkage and color fading.

    Mild Detergent:

      • Use a gentle, baby-specific detergent that is free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and brighteners.
  • Size details

    This Newborn baby set is available in size 0-3 months.

  • Size Chart

    Size Chart (Newborn baby set of 5)  in CM's 
    Top 0-3 months (in cm's) in inches
    Length 23cm 9 Inches
    Chest Width 21 cm 8 inches
    Shoulder 19 cm 7 inches
    Sleeve 15 cm 6 inches
    Bottom 0-3 months (in cm's) in Inches
    Length 25 cm 10 inches
    Waist 15 cm 6 inches
    Cap 0-3 months (in cm's) in Inches
    Width 11cm 4.3 inches
    Length 14cm 5.5 inches
    Mittens 0-3 months (in cm's) in Inches
    Length 9 cm 3.5 inches
    Width 9 cm 3.5 inches
    Booties 0-3 months (in cm's) in Inches
    Length 11cm 4.3 inches
    Width 5 cm 2 inches
    Height 5 cm 2 inches

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