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The perfect extra layer, when the weather is too confusing or too intense. This can be a single layer or one of the most important layers. The wool vest is an ideal undervest or over vest. The front buttoned vest can be the answer to the extreme cold weather.  the wooden buttons make it very attractive to be worn as a single layer on the top too. This comes in various colors 



Baby Wool Vest

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  • Product Details

    This is a must-have woolen for all the babies. The wool vest is ideal for winters. If the weather is moderately cold, just the single vest for the rescue.  If the weather is too cold layer it up with another sweater and ensure double warmth and double comfort. If it gets too warm, then take off the top layer and the baby is still warm because of the vest. 

    It can be worn under the shirt or over the shirt and it looks good both ways. The wooden buttons give it a very fashionable look and the colors are very appealing too. It's a woolen essential and every baby's winter wardrobe must have it.  

    Styling: Wear it under the shirt/tshirt as an under vest. Wear it over a tshirt/shirt/turtle neck as an extra layer or team up with other layers. This becomes an inseparable part of the baby wear in winters.

  • Wash Care and General Care Tips:

    This is a very durable garment and can be kept and used for generations if taken care of, wisely.

    • Wash in mild washing agent meant for woolens and delicates.
    • Machine wash at 30 degrees, not more.
    • No bleach at all.
    • No fabric softener is needed.
    • No starch is needed.
    • No tumble dry.
    • Keep away from fire.
    • Take off while sleeping to avoid bobbling. 
    • To be ironed at wool ironing setting with a cotton or muslin fabric layer on top of the garment. 
    • To be kept in a clean moisture-free place to protect wool.
    • Sun showing once/twice a season is highly recommended. 


  • FAQ's

    Does it come with an inner lining?

    No, it doesn't come with any kind of lining. It's pure wool. 

    I want to know if it will actually fit my baby?

    Sure, please check the last image of the product, the actual size of the product is mentioned for a particular age group.

    Can I get one knitted for my older baby?

    No, we make only till the age of 12-18 months. our size 4 actually fits till the age of 18 months. 

    Does it bobble?

    It doesn't if taken proper care of. Any wool will bobble if not handled properly. 

    Is it stretchable?

    Yes, it is stretchable. so each size will last longer for the two sizes above. 


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