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Mustard seeds pillow is inspired by the Indian Traditional pillows that indigenous midwives used to make for newborn babies. The pillow is inspired by the traditional ways of making this pillow. This pillow is made of a cotton sack that is filled with organic mustard seeds with therapeutic properties. The pillow comes with a cover that is made of breathable cotton in a funky attractive print. The zipper makes it easier to take out the sac for washing and changing purposes. 



  • It provides support and helps in shaping the baby's head. 
  • It diminishes the chances of a flat head and relieves the pressure from the head as it shapes as the baby moves. 
  • it keeps the baby warm as mustard seeds have natural warming and healing properties. 




Mustard Seeds Pillow

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  • Product Details

    Mumyu Mustard seeds pillow is designed and made after a lot of research and thorough study on the benefits of this pillow. This pillow is designed in collaboration with midwives and mothers. Things we have kept in mind for making this pillow:

    1. The size of the Pillow: The size of the pillow is ideal for a newborn baby till the age of 2 years. The pillow is not very big and bulky. The baby doesn't need different pillows in different growth stages. 
    2. The weight of the pillow: The weight of the pillow is because of the mustard seeds. The weight of the pillow and the size of the pillow decides the density of the seeds. In this pillow after different alterations, 750gms of mustard seeds are used. 
    3. The fabric: The fabric of the pillow is breathable and allows the air to pass through to keep the seeds dry as much as possible. 
    4. The quality of seeds: The seeds used in these pillows are sourced from local vendors and are fully organic. The seeds are not very small and neither very big. the medium-sized mustard seeds are ideal to distribute pressure from the head.
    5. Processing of seeds: The seeds are processed in a very traditional and authentic way. The seeds are first cleaned by hands. Then these seeds are washed several times in running water. After washing these seeds are spread on cotton sheets to be sun-dried for 3 days under direct sunlight. Then these seeds are wiped with muslin cloth by rubbing under hands and filled immediately into the sac and then packed at a cool and dry place.  

    The Mumyu Mustard seeds pillow is the best for your little one as it is very carefully made keeping in mind the traditional indian practices and the needs of your little one. 

  • Wash Care and General Care Tips:

    • Change the pillow cover at least once a week. 
    • keep the pillow sack out in sun for a few hours once or twice a week to keep the seeds dry. 
    • Do not wash the sack at all. 
    • Do not keep the pillow in moist places and if it's too rainy and no sun, please blow-dry the pillow to keep the seeds as dry and aireated as possible.
  • FAQ's

    Is this pillow made filled with mustard seeds only?

    Yes, this pillow is filled with mustard seeds only, no other filling at all. 

    Are these same seeds used for cooking?

    These are mustard seeds, their quality and size are carefully selected for the pillows. the cooking mustard seeds are not the same quality at times. 

    Can we wash this pillow?

    Only the cover can be washed. The sack can not be washed.