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She gets things done- Meet Aarti Parasher

Aarti Parasher, is currently in her early 30's. She is an MBA who had to give up her well paying, well established job, to fulfil family responsibilities as a married woman, like so many other women in India. She was not a sob story, a master of a home maker, a dutiful wife and a wonderful mother , she does it all. A spark was still waiting to turn into a fire. She is educated, confident and wanted to have a career but not at the cost of her family set up and harmony. The industry scenario would definitely expect her to chose and wouldn't meet her terms so she simply waited, with hope.

January 2018, she joined MUMYU team as one of the first team members as a Sourcing Coordinator. She works at her own pace with her flexibility of time and doesn't really have to compromise. She is the connecting link between Management and MUMYU Partners. Being a local team member , she understand the partners and their needs, expectations, pretty well. This is her strength. Her role is to identify, collaborate, onboard, and initiate the Partners. In the span of an year , She has taken the Partner count of MUMYU from 2 to almost 400. She is the one who gets thing done at the ground level.

She connects to local people very well and understands the dialect too. Her affinity to local Himachal culture makes her very relatable to partners and they understand her and cooperate with her easily. She is confident and being a business administration student, she understands the business aspect of every assignment given to her. This makes it easier for management too to understand how organisational goals can be effectively executed at the ground level through her. Her skill has been put to good use and now she is enjoying the best of both worlds. Today she is an inseparable part of MUMYU. she is determined to take MUMYU to new heights in the long run.

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