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Pregnancy is not an illness, don’t treat it like one.

It’s a modernized Phenomenon that has now penetrated itself into many nuclear families. Earlier in Joint families set up, the family members used to naturally become the much-needed support system and guide on every step. In today’s nuclear family setup, with no immediate family member to support and only google to come for guidance in abundance, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with every small bodily change or symptom. It has been observed that in such a setup, where hired staff and immediate work support are available in abundance, the pregnancy is treated like a very exclusive phenomenon. Most families are opting for a single child and they have this constant pressure of not making any mistake at all and to get it all right. This pressure makes them treat this pregnancy like an illness and not like the most natural thing that happens to a human body.

No physical activity

Women tend to refrain from any kind of physical activity during their pregnancy, thinking that it might impact their baby and overall health. It should be exactly the opposite. Pregnancy makes a women’s body stronger every day to deal with the changes the body is going through and also to prepare the body for baby birth. Normal Physical activity should continue as it is, provided there is no complication in pregnancy. Over-exertion of course is not advised even in non-pregnant cases.

Over caring/fearful partner

Believe it or not, a pregnancy partner is as important in the maternity journey as is the mother herself. If the partner is fearful and over caring, it may lead to unnecessary stress and tension. A partner doesn’t have to take the lead, just has to walk along with the mother, be it husband, friend, mother, father, in-laws, sibling. Just be there but do not control her journey. A fearful partner can create an atmosphere that is not very healthy and happy. This is not good either for the baby or the mother.

Too Much Info hoarding

A woman’s body is designed biologically to reproduce. There is no such thing as abnormal while a woman gives birth, only a medical emergency. In the journey, her body may go through various changes, which a woman’s body is very much equipped to handle. The brain on another side plays different games based on our early learning and conditioning. Not every hiccup, every twitch, every movement is a medical condition. Internet is full of information, good and bad, all. Reading too much into things that are just natural, will keep you always worried and you will end up not enjoying this beautiful phase.

Paying attention to every piece of advice.

If you are becoming a parent for the first time, you will get unsolicited advice every second. You can’t change that. Your parents, your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your colleagues, even strangers will come up with advice every now and then. Paying attention and responding to each and every piece of advice you get is like eating ten different meals in one go. It can only harm, no matter how nutritious it is. Follow your instinct. Always remember, you are pregnant, it is natural, you are prepared for this. Your body is fully prepared and this experience will only make you stronger. You can deal with this. Live a normal active life, eat good and stay happy.


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