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Ten qualities of a Pregnancy Partner – Still an alien concept for Indian Parents.

Indian Parents have always conceived pregnancy as a feminine concept only. There is no perception of partnership in pregnancy. For ages, in Indian Family setups, when a woman gets pregnant, the whole family takes up the immediate responsibility of taking care of the woman’s needs, like food and weight, etc. But there is no one including the father of the child, who rises up to the responsibility of being a partner. Being a partner in pregnancy is a huge responsibility. Lately in Indian households, the concept of pregnancy partnership has been initiated but only in very limited medical facilities, where both the parents of the child are allowed in the Labor room or operation theatre. There is no conditioning that happens prior to or post that. It’s high time, we understand the need of inculcating the partnership in pregnancy and understand the need and importance of it.

Who is a Pregnancy Partner?

Usually, the husband/partner of the pregnant woman is supposed to take up the role of partner in Pregnancy. If the husband, partner is not around then anyone close in the family who the pregnant woman trusts and feels comfortable around, can be the pregnancy partner, e.g., Mother, sister, mother-in-law, etc. It’s about having a companion for your pregnancy journey and it has not got to do much with the relationship with the child and the mother, but still, if the father of the child is the partner in pregnancy, it becomes easier for both the parents to co-parent the child compassionately and witness the journey together.

What is expected from a Pregnancy Partner?

To be with the pregnant woman throughout the journey of parenting especially during labor and childbirth. In a nutshell, that’s how the role of a pregnancy partner is defined. There are several seemingly small but highly impactful responsibilities a pregnancy partner has, let's list them down here:

1. To be with the mother to be, during the hospital visits, various scans, and therapies, etc.

2. To be part of the pre-natal exercise/wellness sessions.

3. To be actively participative in the Lamaze program and learn all the breathing and relaxation activities.

4. To learn various ways and methods to actively massage and physically support the pregnant woman while she needs comfort.

5. To be with her while she prepares herself, the home, and the environment for the arrival of the new baby, like shopping, deciding on nursery essentials, etc.

6. To be a partner and support while the mother-to-be is in labor pain, to encourage her throughout, soothe her, comfort her with constant back rubbing, massaging, and holding.

7. To be with the mother throughout the childbirth and to witness the pain with her and comfort her with your presence which is far more reassuring than the presence of doctors and nurses.

8. To educate yourself along with the mother about various delivery procedures, epidural, etc., and to help her make the right decision if needed.

9. To be constant emotional support if the mother is feeling disheartened or weak because of a painful and stressful delivery experience.

10. To be actively involved in all the doctors’ visits, consultations, medicinal prescriptions, and medical procedures.

The role of a Pregnancy partner is far more elaborative and important as depicted on social media. A partner in pregnancy is the pillar of strength and courage for the mother to be. Much needed and advised.


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