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Introducing MUMYU Jhablas

The most comfortable and suitable first wear for a child.

Few of you already might have heard about this product. Jhablas are a very old concept in Indian parenting. In Punjab, Himachal and few places of Haryana, the grannies of the family would stitch these garments well in advance along with the nappies, when the mother is ready to deliver the child. Once the baby is born, after the cloth nappy, the Jhabla would be the second garment she/he will put on. These garments were so well stitched that none of the inner stitching line will touch the child’s skin and won’t give a rash. These Jhablas were stitched once and used for every child in the family, as the fabric will keep getting softer after ever wash. Most of the family mommies, mid-wives and even pediatricians, who vouch for natural birth and care, suggest to dress the new born baby in old clothes which are clean and soft. Jhablas have been used for child care from past almost 100 years. One can always ask the nanny or granny in Indian traditional household and they will share their own Jhabla story. They might have been called different names but the product was the same.

MUMYU is getting these Jhablas for you, once again, with the same love, same warmth, same purity , just with a modern twist.

The MUMYU Jhablas are unique and our favorite because they serve the dual purpose. In winters they would serve the purpose of the vest and in summers they will act like a shirt, the only piece a child would wear. It is easy to take off and put them on for the child. It doesn’t require much of the neck movement or head turning, that’s why front open or back open garments are highly recommended for infants

MUMYU has brought back the same old world charm to the infant wear. Inner wear for winters and outer wear for summers. Made with a super soft, light, breathable fabric, gets softer with every wash. The fabric lets the skin breathe and also protects from any rashes on skin . Jhablas are stitched in such a way that the inner fabric has no loose interlocked fabric that might give rashes to the baby’s skin. The fabric is weaved in such a way that it gets finer and softer after every wash. Easy to put on or take off, No neck movement or head movement at all. In fact one can easily put them on, on a sleeping baby and he won’t be disturbed. Jhablas are always recommended over pull over vests which are available in the market these days, as the pull over vests require a lot of head and neck movement for the new born babies, which is not very safe. The vest available in the market these days are mostly made of hosiery cotton, the fabric is very soft but not very breathable and gets loose, out of shape and porous after few washes.

MUMYU Jhablas are the manifestation of that old world charm of the love sewn by grandmothers for their grandchildren. Let’s bring it back to our modern parenting with a modern twist. These are safe enough and soft enough to be worn by a new born baby. They come with sleeves and also without sleeves, with patterned borders and without patterned borders. The way you like them. Let us bring back the magic of love and warmth through MUMYU Jhablas.

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