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How to choose right Maternity Wear?

First things first. When you start your journey of motherhood, you need to be prepared that you will grow in size and that’s the most beautiful transformation your body would ever go through. Second, everybody is different. Few women put on equally distributed weight all over the body including their face and a few put on weight on arms legs only and a few just get heavier at the bust and belly. Each pregnancy is unique. So, it’s important that each woman buy clothes as per her comfort and style choice. There are so many brands available in the market and all of them have a variety of stuff to offer and this might lead you to confusion on how to choose the ideal maternity wear. Check out these five things to keep in mind to choose the right maternity wear. We are sure this article will help you all to make better choices.

1. Comfort Comes First

No matter, how stylish the dress /apparel may look, no matter if it was worn by some celebrity, or you are getting it on sale. It should be super comfortable when you wear it. Comfort should always be on the top of your priorities list when buying maternity wear for yourself. Few dresses look good on models and actresses, but they wear them for a very short span of time and you won’t ever be able to see if it's comfortable for them or not. So, trust your judgment and don’t buy anything which looks or feels uncomfortable.

2. Know your style

After comfort, comes style. Do you know your style? Let us make it easy for you. When you enter a high-end maternity brand, you see dresses hanging on hangars and few models who are not mostly pregnant but are wearing fake dummy bellies and are flaunting those dresses. Do not get sold on those images. Know well, how much you want to reveal, how much you want to flaunt, do you want to accentuate your belly or you want to keep it subtle, do you want to wear a body touching fabric or you want something breezy, do you want it to be tight from hips or you want it open and loose. You want to be yourself or you want to look like someone else? You should know your style, which usually changes when you get pregnant, and always keep that in mind while shopping for yourself. Something which is looking too good on someone else will not necessarily look good on you.

3. Right Fabric

During pregnancy, your skin becomes extra sensitive, the skin on the belly stretches and is already itchy. Few gorgeous mothers also experience very tender breast area and underarm area. It’s very important, that the fabric of your attire is soft, light, breathable, and non-synthetic. Choose the right fabric dresses for yourself. Choosing the right fabric is really important. Few international brands have most of their clothes made in stretchable hosiery cotton and lycra material, this material is very soft and breezy but few mothers are not very comfortable wearing this fabric as it sticks to the bosom and belly area, which is not the preferred attire for few Indian Pregnant women. It’s important to consider all the parameters while you are choosing your maternity wear, it’s your personal choice.

4. Suits your lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays a very important role in choosing your maternity outfits. Are you working, are you the one who is mostly outdoors, indoors, etc.? Would you like to wear ethnic or western or a good mix of both, do you need more casual wear or party wear? All these factors must be counted before buying maternity outfits.

5. Usability

How long can you use that outfit? This is one of the biggest problems with Maternity outfits. They end up being one time buy and then they just keep lying in the wardrobe’s unused section. Always look for brands, designs, and outfits that can be worn during pregnancy, during nursing, and even after delivery. No size alterations needed is the best-case scenario. Trust us, there are designs like that. Spending too much money on an outfit, which you are not able to wear after a year makes no sense. Please keep in mind, after your delivery, you will be most probably feeding your baby, is the dress feeding friendly? You might like to join work after delivery, is the dress formal enough? Consider all the other options and choose wisely.

All these factors if paid enough attention to will help you choose the right outfit for your maternity wardrobe. You don’t need to spend plenty of money on your wardrobe, just be wise and buy what suits your needs the most. Please stop buying oversized clothes from the market during pregnancy, buy clothes from genuine maternity brands and see the difference.


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