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Introducing MUMYU Chola

If you are a new mother, then you definitely know that how important are vests, for your baby. To have a protective layer of soft breathable clothing, touching the skin of your baby just before the fancy clothing you buy from the market. The first fabric that touches your baby's skin should be comfortable, smooth, soft and breathable. Keeping all these aspects in mind, we bring to you


Its just a different version of vest and suitable for babies. We do not recommend or suggest to move a young baby's neck too much for putting on those u shaped vests which are available in market. They are usually made of hosiery or viscose material which gets loosened and out of shape after some time. Also these vests are usually very tight on skin and makes it difficult for the skin to breathe and the baby feels irritated. keeping all these things in mind we have designed MUMYU CHOLA.

Whats so special about MUMYU CHOLA.

1. Its made of perfectly woven cotton.

2. Its the softest one can get.

3. The fabric is totally breathable.

4. Its not tight on the skin as per design.

5. Its light weight and easy to clean and dry.

6. Its front open with super thin wooden MUMYU buttons, so no hassle to the baby's neck.

7. It comes with sleeves and without sleeves as per preference.

8. Its so pretty in design that can be worn as a daily wear too with MUMYU Poochies or Leggings or shorts.

9. It never loosens with time.

10. It gets softer with every wash.

MUMYU Chola is our modern take on the onesies made by village people in tribal Himalayan areas for their kids from old softer clothes, for their easy movement whole day while they toil in the fields or orchards. This chola is the perfect buy for kids constantly exposed to Air conditioning. it lets the skin breathe and helps to maintain and adjust the body temperature .

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