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The reusable, washable, breast friendly Nursing pads.

Why we call them Cuppies? Read the article and find out.

MUMYU Cuppies are unique and innovative in many ways. Mothers who breastfeed their child exclusively, often face the problem of heavy lactation. This problem increases the more frequent the feeding becomes. The lactation is good for your body and more milk production means more availability of milk for the child. But sometimes the lactation is faster and the breasts get full with milk and start leaking on their own. This is a very common phenomenon.

In earlier times, women used to simply stuff a cloth inside their clothes or would simply keep changing clothes again and again. Lately Nursing pads came into use. The nursing pads which are available in the market today are disposable, use them and then once they are wet, throw them. These pads are very thin and cheaper as compared to the re-usable nursing pads available on the market. Well this factor is good only for the sellers, not for the customer neither the environment. These nursing pads are outer lined with a paper like fabric and underneath a plastic layer, most of the components of these nursing pads are non-bio-degradable and also not very good for the nipples of a mother who is lactating heavily and is prone to nipple sores. These pads, are not breathable and hence block the air to reach your breasts, increasing the threat for infections and bad odor.


RE USABLE: Use them, wash them and re use them. Just like any other piece of garment. These can be washed in a washing machine, you can tumble dry them, though drying them under dun is a better option. But these are as convenient as they can get.


Innermost layer – Flannel. Its thin, baby soft on skin, breathable and highly absorbent,

Middle Layers- two layers of 100% cotton. Thin, breathable and highly absorbent.

Out layer: PUL. Laminated fabric from one side. Breathable, non-permeable to water/liquids. Which means, it will let the pad breathe but won’t let the liquid to pass on.

BREATHABLE: All the fabrics used in this Nursing Pad are breathable, minimizing the risk of infection and bad odor.

NO PLASTIC: no use of plastic. Just a layer of lamination on PUL, which is basically latex, derived from trees in its most natural form.

THEY ARE CUPPED: Not flat, not pointed, cupped. Yes, the most interested feature of these nursing pads is that they are cupped, they have a curvature. They are not like the flat plate like pads available in the market or the pointed ones made a few home grown brands, these are curvaceous, just like your breasts, so they fit well and you can wear any outfit with them.


After a lot of speculation and research on design of the nursing pads and keeping all the factors in mind, we zeroed down on few basic aspects for our pads after talking to several nursing mothers.

  • They should be curved

  • They should breathe

  • Highly absorbent.

  • Re usable

  • Environment friendly

  • Healthy for nursing mothers.

These two women along with our core design team created this beautiful product in our MUMYU workshop at Solan Himachal Pradesh. Hats off to our MUMYU Partners, Nirmal Sharma and Tripta.

We are proud of you.

MUMYU Cuppies will be soon available on our website. You can order them in pairs.

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