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At MUMYU, age is not even a number.

Skill or capability cannot be determined on the basis of age. Not at all. Denying a person a right to work, because of his age, is equal to denying a person a right to live because he is old now. Age is just a number, and if a person is healthy enough, willing enough and skilled enough to work beyond a certain age, he should be welcomed. That’s what we believe at MUMYU.

Have you heard about BADDIE WINKLE – she is an 89 years old Internet sensation of America. Age didn’t stop her from following her passion.

Have you heard about DAME JUDI DENCH – She starred in her first movie after she turned 60 and we all fondly know her as Madam M.

Have you heard of Fauja Singh. He is the world’s oldest Marathon Runner at the age of 100. Is age stopping him? No never.


At MUMYU, while on boarding a MUMYU partner, we don’t ask them their age. There is no column of age. Why? Because we don’t believe in deciding on a person’s skill and capability on the basis of his/her age. If a person is legally eligible to work, she can work for as long as she wants to.

Let us introduce you to some veteran MUMYU Partners, who are setting new examples and play a major role in co designing MUMYU products.



Nirmal Sharma receiving MUMYU Badge

Age 64, Joined as MUMYU Partner in December 2017.

First woman to pass 10th from her village in 1972, also the First woman to get registered as MUMYU partner in 2017.

She is the eldest of the five daughters and youngest son. Having so many daughters was a great responsibility for her father. But he also wanted to educate them well. Nirmal Sharma is very intelligent since her childhood. She has a sharp brain and always did well in studies. In 1972, she was the first woman of her village, to pass 10th,But that was it. She wanted to study further and for her father the responsibility of teaching 5 other kids was huge. The societal pressure of getting her married was also building up. So Nirmal Sharma gave up her dream of becoming a teacher and got married instead. She encouraged all her younger sisters and brother to study well and do well in their lives.

She believes 100% in her potential. She is working as a knitting expert and quality controller for Knit product range with MUMYU. She learnt all this during her early childhood from her mother. She doesn’t even remember how many sweaters she has made all her life. She is so proud today that she is able to earn her own money in this age when most of the workers retire and her work will be recognized all over India.