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Introducing our First product – MUMYU POOCHIES.

The first piece of cloth that a new born baby wears is a nappy. So what better than a nappy to be the first product to be introduced by MUMYU.



The very basic cloth nappies, with a better fabric and better design.

Cloth Nappies - The latest trend in Millennial Parenting as said by VOGUE , Read it here Cloth diapers have made a comeback and a major one in style. People all over the world are opting today for phenomenon like Home birth, water birth, co sleeping, exclusive breast feeding and cloth nappies. The parenting today has become more aware and more conscious. There are millions of reasons why disposable nappies or diapers are not the best option for your child, we shall not really get into that, there is plenty of info already on the internet, you can google it or ask any expert. There are plenty of reasons why cloth nappies are considered to be the best for your child. If we want to pit in in pointers, they will be, Comfort, financial aspect, skin friendliness, toilet training, and of course environment.

How MUMYU POOCHIES are made-


They are made of cotton, weaved in such a way that they are highly absorbent. The fabric gets even more absorbent when you wash it. They can be folded as per the needs of your child. Triple fold, Double fold or Single fold as per the need. Its 100% chemical free, plastic free and of more snuggly around the bums.



Well, because of these reasons. To summarize:

Let’s admit- You don’t buy diapers for the comfort of your child, you buy diapers for your own comfort. Also because those commercials are so cute, the babies look so happy in them. You don’t need to check again and again, baby will feel dry, you don’t need to wash again and again, and there is less mess around. Now think of buying an underwear for yourself, made of a paper like fabric and full of chemicals and move around it whole day. What will you prefer a cloth or that? Hard decision to make? No. Also, why do you think, the big disposable nappies or diapers manufacturers are now adding lotion to elastic, making them cloth like, making them pant like? Why? Think.

The ones which your grand mom made for you, with extra padding, yes, they looked bulky, but they are the best additional form of protection when your young one learns to walk or crawls. In fact Some pediatric specialists in the USA believe that the increase in hip dysplasia (hip dysplasia) and other spinal injuries is related to the lack of padding and support provided by disposables – which is getting worse and worse, as they get ever slimmer in design, and fuller in chemicals.

MUMYU POOCHIES, are not square. They are rectangular and that’s a slight change in design as compared to the widely used terry square nappies. A unique folding style makes the nappy padded enough around the bums and just a single layer of cloth remains around the belly to keep the baby comfortable. These POOCHIES are washed twice before they reach you, so they are softer and snuggly. If you have been using diapers all this while, it will be a change in your lifestyle, of course, but for your baby, it will be a joyride. No more paper and gel around the most delicate parts. Ever heard of increasing UTI in kids? If you are still confused between diapers and cloth nappies, research more. Be aware of all the choices that you are making for your baby, from the very first day.

MUMYU POOCHIES are cloth nappies made by MUMYU PARTNERS with love. They are washed twice before they reach you. MUMYU POOCHIES will be a more comfortable, heathier and safer choice for your baby as well as the environment.

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