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This is not a review.

It’s a note of heartfelt gratitude.

I was requested to pen down my reviews about SHEROES Community. Honestly, I took more time than it was ever required and became a procrastinating champion while doing so. I am a champion and a mentor on this platform, and that is not the reason for me to write about SHEROES. The reason is something else.

Much has been said and written about this community online and offline. Though that’s all true, but there is more to it. This community is not about empowering women, this community is not about enabling them, this community is not that shoulder , resting on which you can cry your woos away, this community is not that knee bend ,climbing on which you can cross that high wall, this community is not that trampoline on which you can jump and see beyond fences. This community is way beyond that. This community is a hug which tells you that it’s all going to be fine. This community is that smile which assures you are not alone. This community is that support system behind your back which watches over you while you embark on a tough journey. This community is that step which takes you to the podium, when you take over the world. This community tells you what you really are and make you shout it loud so that everybody hear it too.

MUMYU found a buddy in SHEROES. MUMYU got its first shout out on social media through this wonderful platform. Each MUMYU Partner now feels like a star in her village because of this vastly spread community. Personally as a SHEROES Champion, a mentor, a serial Entrepreneur and most importantly as a Woman, I feel, that SHEROES is that friend circle which every woman must cherish. The openness and honesty that I have observed in the questions asked in various communities on SHEROES platform is commendable, it takes years of work to build that trust with your users. The ever stimulating panel of champions, moderators and mentors is amazing to know about, so many women doing such great things. The AMA sessions and the quiz contests almost every week are amazing initiatives to keep women engaged. Be it Career guidance, makeup, weight loss, parenting or travel, SHEROES got it all. Bringing women together and then connecting them on such a grand scale and then also keeping them engaged is a hell lot of task and hats off to SHEROES team to carry it forward with such panache.

i strongly recommend each and every woman who strives be more, who wants to create value, who wants to connect and seek, be part of this community the at or the SHEROES app:

So from me, MUMYU TEAM and entire MUMYU Community, to the most beautiful, nope, not beautiful, most Powerful community for women which is woven with compassion. SHEROES.


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