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Meet Deepika Sharma

Hardships and challenges are the polishing stone, only then a rare diamond can shine. Our MUMYU Partners are those rare diamonds. We believe, women has so much of potential and so much of talent, which is still not tapped efficiently. Women potential is like the energy of the sun. Its available in abundance, but we fail to tap it completely.

Meet Deepika Sharma

A war widow who is a warrior in real life. Deepika belongs to a very small village on the Shimla National Highway called Sanwara. She is educated and smart. She got married to an Army officer. She could never enjoy the pleasure of living with her husband as a companion, as he was guarding the country borders. She lived with him for a short span of 3 years and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. It was difficult to bring up the little angels without any help in Govt quarters, so she came back to her in laws place to take care of her newly born daughters. Just 2 years after that, she got the news that her husband has lost his life during the KARGIL WAR. Her life turned upside down.

A strong woman that she is, she didn’t break. Her in laws were not really supportive to help her bring up her daughters. She left her in laws place and came to live with her parents. She started stitching clothes for nearby village women with a sewing machine that she received as a gift from her parents during her marriage. Initially she made mistakes as she never received a formal training in stitching, but gradually she mastered the craft. She visited nearby Silai Schools and also learnt few small tricks and tips. She started stitching full time for village women. That’s how she managed to earn a little apart from the pension she was receiving for her husband. Her daughters are now in college. They both are studying commerce and are doing extremely well. They need to move from the parents’ village now to a town Solan nearby, for better education. The new place came with the new challenge of lost permanent customers. She has to build her small home run business again from the scratch. Here in Solan the competition was too high and there was hardly any chance to quickly make ends meet. There was enough support from parents but still she needed to have an opportunity which lets her earn her way. So, she joined MUMYU after attending the first initiation meeting on 10 th December 2017 and successfully passing the quality test. She is highly skilled and in past 15 years of stitching clothes, she has learnt some very practical tips on stitching which she is teaching to other MUMYU partners too. She has restarted her career smoothly with MUMYU once again and is hopeful for a bright future. She proudly tells everyone that she works with MUMYU as a partner. She is independent emotionally as well as financially. MUMYU is too proud of her and her daughters. Soon, we shall have access to her craft and will help her educate her daughter and run her household with dignity on her own.

We are proud of our MUMYU Partner, Deepika Sharma.

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