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Meet Asha Sood

We are proud of our MUMYU partners and their stories. If you visit Himachal and see a woman, wearing a badge that says, “MUMYU partner”, talk to her. She is a winner in life. She is simple looking, meagerly educated, shy and may be not as smart as you are, but she has come a long way and is undefeated. She will make you smile with her story and you will feel proud that you met her. She will inspire you.

Meet Asha Sood, 64 years old.

A retired Anganbadi Supervisor, restarted her career with MUMYU as a MUMYU Partner. Asha Sood, an intelligent woman with great confidence and a sense of self. She is a leader by nature. She has lived her whole life building a good life for herself and her family. She has two sons, one daughter in law and her husband is a retired Army clerk. Her husband got retired too early, because of medical emergencies. Since then, she has been taking control of finances of her family. Her husband’s pension,and her salary as an Anganbadi Supervisor were two meagre sources of income. She managed to bring up both her sons and build a small two room home for herself in a small village of Dharampur in District Solan. She did this all on her own. After retirement, it was not easy for her as she was used to work. After marriage of her elder son and no permanent source of income apart from pensions, it was necessary that some extra money is added to the monthly budget. We got to know about her from a village woman. She is not only known for her leadership qualities, her courage to take control of the household responsibilities and finances but also for her Knitting. In the whole village, people admire her for her knitting. She always carries knitting yarn and knitting needles with herself and she is always knitting. She knits while sitting in pension office or a training session in Mahila Mandal. Her patterns and designs are appreciated everywhere. Ladies from other villages come over and ask her for latest designs. Her grandson wears beautiful sweaters and wool suits. She gifted one beautiful blue and white pattern wool suit to my son also, I cherish it. It’s warm and super cute. In the whole wardrobe of all the brands, that one surely catches the eye.

On 10 th of December, during our first Initiation Meeting, She participated along with two other women of her village. One of them was the Pradhan of Mahila Mandal. They both were elated after the initiation. She readily and happily became part of MUMYU as MUMYU Partner. Soon, all of us, will have access to beautiful products made by her. She took charge of her financial independence. She has restarted her career at the age of 64, what’s your excuse?

We are proud of ASHA SOOD, our MUMYU Partner.

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