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Who are MUMYU Partners?

Skilled women of Himachal Pradesh. These are housewives, grandmothers, newly married, widowed, educated, illiterate, elderly and young women of Himachal Pradesh. They're all from different walks of life, different struggles, different stories, different struggles and different backgrounds. But they have three qualities common in them. Qualities which brought them together, these three qualities are:

  1. They are all highly skilled in art of Knitting, Stitching, Embroidery, Crochet and fabric art.

  2. They all have a story worth telling.

  3. They all are courageous and know how to take charge of their life, irrespective of where they come from.

These qualities make these women special. These qualities make it even more important that these women get an opportunity. All that these women look forward to is an opportunity. An opportunity to showcase their skill and prove themselves. Not that, before today they never got this opportunity, there are many employment opportunities for them. These opportunities make them employed for sure, but doesn’t play any role in their emotional wellbeing, empowerment, self-esteem and personal growth. They wanted an opportunity which enables them fulfill all their roles and yet make them strong financially as well as emotionally. MUMYU is that platform.

This is the first ever batch of MUMYU partners from Solan District Himachal Pradesh. This batch was registered on 10th December at Solan after a very vibrant and interactive MUMYU Initiation meeting. These women are our first proud partners.

These women will now carry the beacon of hope forward. They will actualize the vision and mission of MUMYU through their skills, these women will give an actual proof to the MUMYU principle, which says, “One doesn’t necessarily have to be smart, educated, resourceful or well connected for being empowered. Just being courageous is enough”. These all are courageous women. They will craft their own life now onwards as they work diligently to create MUMYU products. They will weave and stitch these products with extreme love and affection. So, each one of these products will not be just a product, it will be a story, an encouraging story.

The numbers of our MUMYU partners is increasing day by day. More women are taking charge of their life day by day. These numbers will not stop. As of now we have MUMYU partners only in SOLAN district. Soon by the mid of 2018, we will start spreading towards other districts too and then few neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh. Wherever there are skilled women, who are waiting for an opportunity at their doorstep. The skill which is hidden and unappreciated, unrecognized from ages, will not get recognition, finally. This is an example of creating an opportunity for the skill and not Vice Versa. These women deserve a chance at what they do the best and they just got one.

MUMYU partners are crafting products for you as you are reading this. These products will add value to your life as well as theirs.

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