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MUMYU Multipurpose Baby sheets- What truly sets our Baby Multipurpose Sheets apart is their versatility. These sheets are designed to be more than just a traditional bed sheet. With their double-layered construction, they can serve as a dohar, swaddling blanket, or even a convenient carry-along sheet for your baby's adventures.

One sheet, many uses – it's a smart and practical choice for busy parents. Whether you're tucking your baby in for the night, swaddling them for a nap, or taking them on a stroller ride, our Baby Multipurpose Sheets are the perfect companion. They offer comfort, style, and functionality, all wrapped up in one adorable package.

Choose quality, choose versatility, choose cuteness – choose our Baby Multipurpose Sheets. Make your baby's nursery a place of comfort and joy with these delightful sheets that are sure to become an essential part of your baby's early years. Order now and experience the difference for yourself.

Multipurpose Baby Sheet

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  • Product Details

    Double-Layered Design: Our Baby Multipurpose Sheets are crafted with a double-layered design, providing extra warmth and comfort for your baby.Adorable Animal Prints: These sheets feature the cutest animal prints, adding a delightful touch of whimsy to your baby's nursery.

    Finest Quality Fabric: We use the highest quality fabric that is gentle, hypoallergenic, and safe for your baby's sensitive skin.Versatility: These sheets can be used as a bed sheet, dohar, swaddling blanket, or carry-along sheet, making them incredibly versatile for various baby needs.

    Multi-Use Design: With one sheet, you can fulfill multiple purposes, saving you both time and money.

    Enhanced Comfort: The double-layered design ensures your baby stays cozy and warm, promoting better sleep and relaxation.

    Stylish Nursery: The adorable animal prints add a charming touch to your baby's nursery decor, creating a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

    Gentle on Baby's Skin: The finest quality fabric is soft and hypoallergenic, providing a gentle touch that won't irritate your baby's delicate skin.

    Cost-Effective: These multipurpose sheets eliminate the need to purchase separate items like dohars, swaddling blankets, and carry-along sheets, saving you money in the long run.

    Versatile Usage: Use them as a bed sheet for a comfortable night's sleep, a dohar for extra warmth, a swaddling blanket for snugness, or a carry-along sheet for outings – the possibilities are endless.

    Quality Assurance: Our commitment to using the finest materials ensures that these sheets maintain their softness and durability over time, providing long-lasting value.

    Happy Baby, Happy Parent: When your baby is comfortable and content, it leads to a more relaxed and enjoyable parenting experience for you.

    Invest in our Baby Multipurpose Sheets today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with providing your baby with the best in comfort, style, and versatility.







  • Wash Care and General Care Tips:

    Machine Wash: Machine wash the sheets separately in cold water on a gentle cycle. This will prevent any potential damage from mixing with other fabrics.

    Mild Detergent: Use a mild, baby-safe detergent that is free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. This will help maintain the fabric's gentle touch on your baby's skin.

    Avoid Fabric Softeners: Skip the use of fabric softeners as they can leave a residue on the sheets and reduce their breathability.

    Delicate Cycle: If possible, select a delicate or gentle cycle on your washing machine to minimize wear and tear.

    Drying: Gently tumble dry on a low heat setting or, ideally, line dry in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may cause colors to fade over time.

    Ironing: If necessary, use a warm iron with a cloth or towel between the iron and the sheet to avoid direct contact with the fabric.When not in use, store the sheets in a clean, dry place to prevent dust and moisture from affecting their quality.

  • Size details

    One Size 

    100 CM Length

    100 CM Width

    Weight - 500 GMs